Art Exhibition Highlights 2018艺术展精华回顾

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Harrow Beijing held its annual Art Exhibition from 18 May to 29 May. The exhibition primarily featured A Level and GCSE work with Year 6 to Year 9 projects also exhibited.

5月18至29日,哈罗北京举办了一年一度的艺术展。展览主要展示了中学部高年级学生GCSE和A Level艺术科目的考试作品,以及部分初中部学生的优秀艺术作品。

Introduction of some students' artworks




'This installation focus on the fact that people nowadays are more dependent and extremely obsessed with virtuality. Family is the most intimate relationship we can get therefore, I chose a male, a female and a child mannequin to represent this. The "stretches" between each character and the electronic device create perfectly separated spaces between the family members. The ignorance and avoidance of dealing with people close to them is presented by the perfectly passing-through stretches of information transfer. The keys of keyboards and laser-cut letters represent a sense of digitalized information transfer. They also create a visual effect of the outlines of humans becoming pixelated, digitalized and 2-Dimensionalized. The colour scheme for this installation was chosen to be black and white to create the gloom of the nature of virtuality.'


——Christine W

A Level?

'The whole piece is a metallic heart built with acrylic mirror pieces. Within the heart, there is a marine world painted on fabric which demonstrates an astute sense of imagination inside one's heart. This represents that there are rich emotions even inside a cold iron heart. The mirror creates a sense of reflection as the viewers are able to see and relate this piece to themselves when they are looking at the piece.'


——Joanna X

GCSE Coursework

'This piece represents how electronics are taking over children' lives. Nowadays children play with touchscreens more than traditional toys and are not using their imaginations anymore as they only focus on touchscreens. The wires wrapping around everything represents the fact that electronics have taken over, that they are dragging down the child into the watery depths of machines and leaving the toys and comic books behind. The toys are floating on the surface and being left behind; not being used in childhood anymore. The ripped-up comic books represent that they are non-existent and are worthless in today's childhood. The painting on the objects and the person links to my artist Alexa Meade and the use of comic books links to the artist Sandra Chevrier.'

“这件作品反映出电子产品正在如何占领孩子的生活。当今的孩子们玩触屏设备远远多于传统玩具。由于对触屏设备的过度关注,他们也不再运用自己想象力。纠缠的电线代表电子产品正逐步占据孩子们的生活,并把孩子拖入机械的深渊。玩具被丢在身后,漂浮在水面上,再也不属于童年;撕破的漫画书表示它们在现代童年里没有价值,也不再存在。物体上的绘画和人物受到了艺术家Alexa Meade的启发,而漫画书的灵感来源于艺术家Sandra Chevrier。”

——Cerys N

GCSE Coursework?

'This final piece shows the different decisions that are made causing different results. As a baby, the road to the future is unknown. It is the individual who will need to solve the Rubix cube (the shape of the final piece is influenced by the actual Rubix cube), as all of the scenes are puzzled up. Different choices in each stage of life will result in an outcome. There are six different scenes, as it shows the general outcomes that can be seen from the box.'


——Samantha H

Autobiographical Paintings


'These paintings are an autobiographical documentation of the emotional connection formed to familiar places and what navigation feels like. It is a collection of aesthetics collated to represent what it feels like to explore familiar places and the stories that each element entails. It's also a tribute to the Beijing that I see and experience.'


——Cat L

A Level?

'The theme for my final piece is fantasy boxing. One of the characters is a personification of the seven deadly sins: wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, greed, pride and sloth. The other character represents the seven heavenly virtues: chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness and humility. I painted it digitally and printed it out on fabric. I then made it into a punch bag which relates to my theme of boxing.'


——Zayna D

GCSE Coursework?


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